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Founded in 2009, PIA Residential is a private equity real estate firm with a proven track record, buying and managing residential properties in South Florida.

During the last decade, we invested heavily in the single-family and medium-sized multifamily market; and through our successful management and repositioning, have reaped the benefits of tremendous value appreciation.

We are now expanding our investment strategy to purchase institutional-size, workforce, multifamily housing in the Southeast United States. We believe this strategy will produce above-market risk-adjusted returns, for investors seeking asset preservation and appreciation.

PIA Residential will invest its capital, originate and manage opportunistic deals in their own Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). We are targeting to hold properties for 5 years with an average 7% cash-on-cash returns and 2X equity multiples.

How we do it

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PIA’s objectives are to preserve capital, produce consistent cash yields, and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors. We achieve this by carefully building a diversified portfolio of multifamily investments that fit our Value-Add Strategy.